Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where Have You Been All This Time???

Hey sweet readers! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. But I promise I'll be back soon.
In the meantime, I thought I would fill you in on the major details happening right now.

- My mom and I made a 3 day trip to Nebraska in order to find me & my roommate a place to live. It was exhausting but I found a place!

- I found out one of my weenies has cancer, but she's all fixed up and on the mend thankfully

- A day trip to Houston so I could catch up with some cousins. We laughed all day long and it was so relaxing!

- I threw myself a goodbye party since I'm about to move to Omaha {I am moving THIS Saturday, eek!}

- Took a trip home with my sister so I could spend some of my last free time with my mom & dad, and the grandparents

- The parentals bought me a new printer and a new KitchenAid mixer for my home! AHH! And I bought some other stuff too :)

- I took out a ton of money in student loans, and this is just the beginning!

- Managed to finish my online class today, hopefully I passed the final

Tomorrow I start packing up the few things I have left in my room, and then I can pick up the U-Haul truck sometime on Friday morning. I spent part of today getting everything ready in Nebraska (like the electricity, water, gas, internet, all that good stuff!) and took a well-deserved nap!

Then I'll hit the road Saturday morning. 
Sometimes I can't believe this is really happening, but it is.

And I'm so excited to see what the future holds.


  1. Hope you move goes smoothly! Though it is Sunday, so you are probably already there :)

  2. Sounds like ur one busy lady! Hope your Weenie is okay! I love my little dog too. He's like my child!
    We're new to blogging and were wondering if u wouldn't mind checking ours out? It would be greatly appreciated! And we're subscribing to yours now. We love your background! Did you have it made or what website did you use?

  3. We have just started following your blog and love it! Maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?