Friday, October 3, 2014


Well well's been a hot minute since I've updated or even popped over to the blogosphere. I have to thank school for that. I successfully finished my first year of occupational therapy school a few months ago, and now I'm knee deep in year two. Only 19 more months to go!

I'm still trying to lose weight and since May I've dropped 15 pounds thanks to MyFitnessPal and my YMCA membership. But with 18 hours, 8 classes, and 3 labs, I barely have time for anything outside of school. Sometimes I wonder if this is all worth it. Deep down I know it is, but I think I'm just burnt out and ready to be done. The good news is that this time next Friday, I'll be on my way home for a week long clinical rotation at MD Anderson Cancer Center and a week off! I love schools in the north and their Fall Breaks; it is so wonderful and much needed.

Not much else to report...other than I let my hair grow out this past year and chopped a whole foot off right before school picked back up in August. Shockingly not my hair has already grown at least an inch since then, if not more.

Ah well, back to work. 

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