Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tying Shoes

Hey friends!

I am LOVING inpatient rehab! It has been amazing to see the progress patients make during their short stay at the hospital, and all the therapists on staff are so supportive of each other. Some days I have zero desire to get out of bed and make the hour long commute to the Med Center, but seeing my patients always brings a smile to my face. I'm feeling overwhelmed with fieldwork and the courses (studying to prep for the practice board exam, YIKES) and I feel like I never have enough time in the evenings. So thankful for weekends to relax and catch up on school even though I'd rather be doing anything else than schoolwork

So far, my most memorable patient was a young guy with a brain injury, who when from a comatose/bed bound state to being oriented to his environment and engaged in activities. It was amazing to see his progress (I had seen him on my second day of fieldwork when I was observing another therapist). For at least a week we had been working on tying his shoes--certainly not an easy task for him. A few days prior to discharge, he finally TIED BOTH SHOES ON HIS OWN! I was thrilled for him to have accomplished something we take for granted every day.  

At the hospital, my caseload is mostly neuro (stroke and brain injury) and I haven't seen any ortho diagnoses yet, but I'm sure they'll be coming at some point. Life is rocking and rolling right now! And of course Andrew is working his tail off with satellite stuff. 

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