Monday, January 25, 2016

First Meeting of Many

Today was the first time I attended a weekly meeting and had a good understanding of the key discussion points. The hot topics included:

Adding EMR to curriculum
As more fieldwork sites make the switch to electronic documentation, students should know how to access and utilize EMRs, especially when looking for physician referrals/orders and conducting chart reviews

Updates on Fieldwork
The class of 2016 is currently on their first Level II FW, and the class of 2017 is going on their first Level I FW in March. The first year students will all be doing their first week in a pediatric setting.  Lots of students means lots of sites are needed, and right now many sites aren't willing to take a student so there are some issues but from the way things are going and a big response from former students on Facebook there should be enough places for everyone. 

Updates on Selectives
Selectives, sound like electives, more or less the same. All students are required to be in a selective every semester, and there are 6 or 7 selectives available to students. However, some selectives are only one semester while others may last two or three semesters. Everything is going well, and I am helping out with the St. Vincent's selective. You can read more about St. Vincent's here, but it is a student-run clinic and the OT students get to practice their skills on real clients. It's pretty cool!

Also, to build camaraderie within the staff, everyone goes out for lunch on Tuesdays. Sounds tasty for having not explored much of Galveston but also expensive! I'll probably go once a month with everyone. 

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