Friday, March 25, 2016

Otago for Balance

Remember the guy I was talking about earlier this week? Let's talk about him a little more. One assessment I conducted on him was the Otago balance protocol. Everything you need to know about the Otago can be found here (all I did was google Otago balance). So far, the clinic has only used it as an assessment. It combines the Timed Up and Go (TUG) test, the  Four-Test Balance Scale, and the Chair Stand test.

All three of these tests indicates fall risk among older adults. The Otago also comes with exercises clients may use to decrease their fall risk and improve their strength and balance. I'm still impressed at the sheer number of assessments available out there--there's no way I could learn about every single one in school. You'd spend 3 years or more just dong that!

As you can imagine, things at the clinic were a mess and I couldn't find the protocol. I had to wing it, and it honestly wasn't too terrible. Unfortunately I didn't get to all three tests because I ran out of time.

Got any thoughts/suggestions/ideas/concerns for me?

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