Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wheelchair Billing & Funding

Yesterday evening was the monthly TOTA district meeting, and I went for a little while. It's tough attending meetings in the evenings in Galveston since I have such a long commute. But I stayed and enjoyed it. A lady whose name I can't remember presented with knowledge of spinal muscular atrophy related to wheelchair billing and funding. Most of the information was stuff I already knew, having done a few wheelchair evaluations during fieldwork.

Needless to say it was helpful and I learned some stuff! My apologies for being so vague, like I said I wasn't able to stay for very long. Had I stayed for the entire meeting I wouldn't have made it home until 9:00pm or later. Yikes. A really good resource I found for wheelchair funding can be found here. There's a ton of information, so don't let yourself get overwhelmed!

*Update* on Easter Sunday, my uncle who has a spinal cord injury was able to get out of his home and celebrate with family. It was absolutely amazing to see him out and about, thanks to his power wheelchair and new mobility van. Hopefully nobody saw me get teary-eyed because of my excitement and happiness for him being able to have some normalcy return to his life.

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