Tuesday, April 12, 2016

AOTA Conference & Networking

Hey readers! Last week was a whirlwind as I left Houston on Wednesday to travel to CHICAGO for AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) Conference. It was amazing and I learned so many interesting things, but I'll have to save all those things for another blog post--keep your eyes peeled for those!  I have to admit, the thought didn't cross my mind to bring my resume until I was already in Chicago at conference. Fortunately, people tend to remember me thank you tall genes!

The most important thing I wanted to discuss (before I forget about it!) was the power of networking I saw at this year's conference compared to last year. First, I networked with some professors who I hadn't seen in nearly a year! And then of course I networked with several of the UTMB faculty, attending sessions with them and supporting them during poster presentations. Pretty simple.

The fun part happened when I met recruiters at the Expo Hall from TIRR Memorial Hermann and MD Anderson. The therapist with MD Anderson still remembers me from when I did a one week fieldwork back in October 2014. She encouraged me to apply online and email her directly a resume. Pretty cool, right?

With TIRR, I have to give a little backstory. About two weeks ago Creighton sent out an email stating a recruiter would be coming to visit. Of course, not being in Omaha, I felt at quite a disadvantage and missing out on a huge opportunity. I got things in order and the recruiter actually called me yesterday! While I was at conference, I met with other recruiters and got to know them. Additionally, I got an email yesterday from another TIRR facility encouraging me to apply to their facility. How awesome is that???

Shoot I just might have a job before graduation! Amazing how networking with professionals can get you where you want to go.

T-31 days until graduation!

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